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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Cambridgeshire

posted on: Mon, 29 01 2018

FlexEclean is now able to offer specialist commercial carpet cleaning to its portfolio of cleaning services.  For commercial carpet cleaning in Cambridgeshire call for a quote on 01480 890200.  Professionally cleaning your carpets regularly extends the life of your carpets, removes germs & bugs and makes your working environment feel cleaner and fresher.  Using FlexEclean to clean your commercial carpets will mean :

  • Your carpets will stay cleaner for longer
  • Your carpets will have an extended life
  • Your carpets will be hygienically clean
  • Your carpets will provide a cleaner and fresher environment

The price we quote – is the price you pay.  There are no hidden extras!   References available on request. Find out more here or fill in the form below.

Carpet cleaner machine