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Holiday Deals 2018

posted on: Tue, 30 01 2018


Holiday Special Return Journeys


Easter : 23rd March – 30th April


Summer : 15th July – 15th September


Winter : 15th December – 31st January 2019


Terms & Conditions


1: All outbound and return journeys must be made within the two advertised dates.


2: An in date credit/debit card is required at the time of reservation to secure the booking.  The card will be charged approximately 7 days prior to date of travel. If the trip is cancelled within seven days of travel, for whatever reason, 50% of the fare will be charged.


3: The fares include VAT and parking charges, but exclude waiting time*.


4: If a booking is made and the return journey is changed is goes out of the offer dates, the fare is split in half and the difference is added to our full fare price list.


5: For all reservations we need a valid email address and mobile telephone number as all reservations are confirmed by email and all passengers are text the driver’s details.


6: Drivers will arrive on time at the designated address and at collection at airports will arrive 20 mins after flight has landed.


7: This deal is for one collection, outbound and one drop off, return, multiple collections & drop-offs will incur more charges.


8: The collection addresses are in Huntingdon, St Ives, Cambridge and St Neots, or those that live within the confluence of the A1, A14 and A428.


9: As part of our service we guarantee we collect and deliver passengers. However we can invoke force majour . i.e if the road is closed due to an accident, bad weather, strikes, other incidents beyond our control.


10: Passengers are requested to advise the Duty Manager of flight delays for arrivals after 2300 hrs.


11: Fares do not include transportation on  Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day, alternative fares apply.


*Waiting time is charged after 1 hour from when the aircraft lands.


Holiday Deals 2018