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Keeping those communal areas sparkling!

posted on: Tue, 02 01 2018

Do you own a business or work somewhere with a communal area? If so, you’ve probably had your fair share of problems when it comes to keeping the communal area,  kitchen or break area clean.  It’s the most common complaint when discussing potential new cleaning contracts.

An untidy communal area frustrates most employees, resulting in a negative mood at work, which then reduces productivity levels and general morale.  

So, if the mugs and plates are stacking up on a regular basis and you are fed up clearing up after your staff, you need to devise a plan...

1. Devise a plan

It’s not rocket science, you need to set the ground rules for everyone in your organisation.

Wash up after yourself and put your dishes away.

Wipe down the microwave after use

Make sure your food is correctly stored in the fridge and any out of date, stale, mouldy foods are disposed of.

2. Communicate your plan

Once you have decided on your plan of action, you need to communicate to your team, then there’s no excuse for the instructions not to be carried out.  You can send the rules by email, send an email to everyone and add to any team meetings.  

3. Make someone Responsible

Every organization has someone who enjoys extra responsibility, nominate them to monitor the communal areas and encourage the other members of the team to do the same.

4. Reward success

Having set the new guidelines, hopefully, your team will take on board the challenge and want to see an improvement.  If you see an improvement – treat the team!  A box of chocolate biscuits, some cakes or fruit.  Make sure you reward success, a small gesture goes a long way.

5. Call FlexEservices

Cleaning is never high on the agenda until there’s a problem.  Most businesses today have their resources fully stretched and it’s not efficient to have staff cleaning.

Using a commercial cleaning company can take control of all of the issues we mentioned above and more.  A reliable cleaning company will not only clean the workplace but also sanitise it, thereby reducing sickness in the workplace.

A clean workplace is a productive workplace.


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