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Tenancy Cleaning Services

If you are vacating business premises and need the property to be returned to its original state, FlexEservices offers a comprehensive service from liaising with your landlord to completing all required work.

The service includes decorating, building, cleaning and general maintenance work to restore the building as required, on time and on budget.

Dilapidations Process - having the right information

The process of Dilapidations can be complex. Almost all commercial property leases will have a dilapidation clause in the contract, requiring certain and/or all elements of a property to be restored to their original state on termination of lease.

To avoid unscrupulous behaviour by unreasonable landlords, familiarise yourself with your lease contract, and have clarity from both sides on what exactly is required. As a starting point, landlords must serve notice for termination at least 56 days before the lease ends so that work can be completed.

FlexEservices has years of experience in this field, and is available and ready to help with all aspects of the process.

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