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Waste Electrical

Recycle it!

FlexEservices are fully licensed to collect waste electrical items from business locations and dispose of them in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.

All data left on the equipment is destroyed and clients are provided with the relevant paperwork for their records.

The Recycling Process

After collecting electrical waste for recycling, all components are separated and converted back into raw materials for re-use in the manufacturing process.

As re-using unwanted items is the most environmentally-friendly form of recycling, where possible we donate working items such as old computer monitors to charity once they have been checked and wiped clean.

FlexEservices always provides a full audit and certification.

Computer recycling

FlexEservices offers collection and recycling of:

  • Computers and Servers
  • Printers & Cartridges
  • Batteries
  • Monitors
  • All Periphery Equipment

Waste bin rentals

If you regularly dispose of waste electrical equipment, why not rent one of our wheelie bins from only £15.00 + VAT per month (T&Cs apply).

We have a range of bins from 90-litre units to 500-litre mini skips. Monthly charges include collection and replacement of bins monthly or quarterly, as well as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive documentation.


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