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Terms And Conditions

For our Easter and Summer Holiday Special Return Journeys Terms and Conditions, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Conditions of Transfer for Chauffeur Drive Vehicles

FOR AIRPORT COLLECTIONS : Drivers will meet passengers 20 minutes after the flight has actually landed, unless otherwise advised. Passengers, once in the terminal arrival hall should proceed to the information desk and look for the driver holding a sign with their name on it. Under no circumstances must passengers leave the Arrivals Hall without communication with Flex-Able Travel if the driver cannot be located. Passengers who have not located their driver must contact Flex-Able Travel immediately. If after 1 hour of the advised ETA (estimated time of arrival) and the passenger has not shown, waiting time will be incurred. If a flight is due to take-off after the driver has departed to collect (eg for short-haul and internal flights) and there is an undue delay, waiting time will be incurred from 1 hour after the original ETA and not from the revised ETA.


Waiting time is implemented on all reservations after 15 minutes from the designated time of collection, except for airport collections. Any journey deviations will be charged for at the appropriate rate. If a passenger does not show for a booking, the job will be charged in full. Passengers are requested not to smoke, drink alcoholic beverages or eat in the vehicles. Passengers deemed to be under the influence of alcohol will not be transferred and will be charged for the job. Passengers who are ill (vomit) in the vehicle will be charged at the appropriate approved local council rate, plus any loss of revenue whilst the vehicle is off the road.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel a job you must contact the office on 01480 890200, or if out of hours contact the duty manager, (the out of hours number 07756 289749). Cancellations will not be accepted if left on the answering machine. Cancellations during our normal office hours. All cancellation made within three hours of the job are subject to a 50% charge. A full refund or ‘no charge’ will be made if the drive is cancelled with more than 3 hours notice.Cancellations outside our normal office hours. All cancellations made outside of our normal office hours will be subject to a 50% charge unless within three hours of the scheduled time, in which case a full charge will be made. Once the driver has departed to collect a passenger and the drive is subsequently cancelled the job will be charged in full.

Extra charges on quoted fares

Except from 24th December to 1st January inclusive (where other rates apply), all Sundays, Bank holidays and scheduled arrival times at airports/pick up times from other venues between 11pm and 6am will have a 15% premium added to the quoted fare. Any wait and return journeys will have 25% added to the outbound fare for the return leg. Waiting time is currently charged at £25 per hour + vat. Point to point drives are charged at £1.50 + vat per mile one way, with a minimum charge of £32.50 + vat. Venues that attract a large amount of traffic, i.e. Ascot, Silverstone, Wimbledon, pop concerts etc will incur a 25% surcharge on the cost of the journey. People Carrier vehicles attract 25% premium (ie VW Transporter or Caravelle). All airport collections attract a meet and greet charge (Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick, Birmingham, Luton & London City Airports, £10.00 + vat, all other locations £10 + vat). Drop off charges at Stansted, Luton & Birmingham airports incur at £3 charge. All tolls, congestion, parking and city charges are added to the account as and when the vehicle enters the respective charging areas.

Bad Weather Policy

There are times in the year when bad weather arrives in the UK. It is the Controller or Duty Manager’s responsibility to consider every transportation on it’s individual merit. For health and safety reasons, drivers cannot be sent to collect passengers if the roads become impassable and dangerous. We will endeavour to contact passengers / and or coordinators, to explain the position and offer alternative ways to continue their journeys.
Flex-Able Travel Ltd cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred where transportation is cancelled by the Duty Manager / Controller for Health & Safety reasons or because of road conditions beyond the company’s control.

Easter, Summer & Winter Holiday Special Return Journeys - Terms and Conditions

Spring 1st-30th April,
Summer 15th July-15th September,
Winter 15th December-15th January**
1: All outbound and return journeys must be made within the two advertised dates.
2: These are prepaid deals, which are non-refundable. Within the advertised dates we allow one change. If the trip is cancelled for whatever reason, the fare is non-refundable.
3: The fares include VAT and parking charges, but exclude waiting time*.
4: If a booking is made and the return journey is changed is goes out of the offer dates, the fare is split in half and the difference is added to our full fare price list.
5: For all reservations we need a valid email address and mobile telephone number as all reservations are confirmed by email and all passengers are text the driver’s details.
6: Drivers will arrive on time at the designated address and at collection at airports will arrive 20 mins after flight has landed.
7: This deal is for one collection, outbound and one drop off, return, multiple collections & drop-offs will incur more charges.
8: The collection addresses are in Huntingdon, St Ives, Cambridge and St Neots, or those that live within the confluence of the A1, A14 and A428.
9: As part of our service we guarantee we collect and deliver passengers. However we can invoke force majour . i.e if the road is closed due to an accident, bad weather, strikes, other incidents beyond our control.
10: Maximum sized vehicle is for 4 passengers, 3 averaged sized suitcases and moderate hand luggage.

*Waiting time is charged after 1 hour from when the aircraft lands.
**Fares do not include transportation on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, alternative fares apply.